No matter the language, design complexity or imagery used, our team of professionals will match any original work you require. Newcom has worked on mediums including books, brochures, magazines, leaflets and many more. In addition, we handle left to right, right to left and double byte languages making sure that your document’s visual accuracy meets with your expectations.

The art of DTP is mixed with the complexity of script inherent to foreign languages. Our experienced staff is there to ensure that every single character is in the correct place, providing a typeset version of the translated text that is consistent with the original artwork in size and position as for the following;

*Headings, sub-headings, body text;

*Leading and paragraph spacing;

*Justification of text/indents; fonts, point size, bold and italics text;

*Number of paragraphs and bullet points;

*Free of spelling mistakes, accurate in punctuation;

*Consistency of fonts/layout with the artwork

*For all print projects, a quality check form will be mandatorily filled in and signed by the translator, the proofreader and the typesetter wherever appropriate.


To discuss your design, typesetting and translation requirements, or to receive a quotation please contact……